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Learning to Dance in the Rain

25 Feb

‎”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Unknown

People go through hard times. That is no question. The question is how do you deal with it? Do you hide and sulk or do you try to carry on? Well the thing about a hard time is that it has to pass but you shouldn’t have to wait for it to pass to live your life. You have to live each day and laugh at least once.

I know that when I am having a hard time I tend to let it show by how I act but I always try to laugh about something and find something good about the day. Some people forget that even though you are having a hard day people around you might be having a great day.

The biggest thing I can say about a hard time is That Everything Happens for a Reason.  (If you are questioning my reasoning check out my post on the 15th) You have to learn how to make the best out of the worst otherwise you won’t get over the storm in your life.

Sometimes people have a hard time pin pointing the actually thing that is causing the storm but once you actually stop and think about you can work on it. My challenge to you is next time you are having “one of those days” is to figure out what the problem is. Could you have done something different? If so just remember and don’t regret. If you couldn’t have changed it you have to let it go. Life is what you make it.


The Future is Scary

22 Feb

“The Future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s comforting”- Unknown

Most people don’t like change because it is comforting to keep things the way they are. I am the same way. I like things to be consistent but the thing about the future is, it changes on a second to second basis. The future is a scary thing but you have to always look forward because you don’t have a choice, its coming.

I know that when I first looked at going to college I was nervous because it was a huge change with meeting new people and moving away from the friends and family that I have known and gotten used to for so long. For a lot of people the first semester is hard because of moving away from the comfort zone. You get used to going to High school and the set schedule that you have had for the past 4 years. Now you get to pick when you go to class, find new friends, pick what you’re going to sleep and when you’re going to hang out with friends, your parents are not going to tell you what to do on a daily basis.

The future is scary but when we run back to the pat for things we know we don’t experience the new things in life that could make us happy. We have to try the new things in life if we want to live life to the fullest. My question for you today is do you run to the past or look for the future. Life is what you make it so what are you going to do today?

Life is Short, Live it to the Fullest

18 Feb

“Everyone always says life is short, live it to the fullest, life is the longest thing that you have.” -Unknown

Most people have heard the quote life is short live it to the fullest but this is a new twist to the saying that I hadn’t heard before and it’s true! A friend of mine showed me this a while back and I surprised me because I have never thought about it that way before.

So the question is how do we live life to the fullest when its the only thing that every single person has. Some think about it as a day to day basis and others plan for the future. Is there a best way to live life to the fullest?

Well in my opinion no there isn’t. I know that I am only 22 years old but I look back on my life and have to think that I have lived a pretty great life so far and I still have so much to experience in this long life. I have had friends that love me, family that is amazing, people that have hurt me and I still get to look forward to one day finding the love of my life.

Life is the longest thing that you have. What does that mean to you? To me it means that no matter how rotten a day is I have to find one part that is good and live in that moment. I’m not saying that it is easy to find that moment but it is the best way, in my mind , to live life to the fullest. Life is what you make it so what are you going to do today?  🙂

Everything Happens for a Reason

15 Feb

“The hardest part about accepting the saying “everything happens for a reason” is waiting for that reason to come along.”- Unknown

Everyone has heard the saying that everything happens for a reason. Most people just hear that and let it roll off and not really listen to it. I believe that the saying is true but we don’t realize it until we look back later in life. I know from experience that when a person says something that hurts me, at the time I don’t see anything other than being mad and upset. Now if I look back on incidents that happened a few years ago I can see how as a person i have grown from it and it has made me the person I am today.

Sometimes people say things that hurt us because deep down we know that they are true but we don’t want to admit it. I know that my biggest problem is that I put up walls for, according to a friend, for someone else to breakdown. At the time I knew that I put up walls but now that I look back at this statement I see that even though I tried not to do that with him I still did. For me the reason has shown up and  has helped me grow as a person and I realize that I might still put up walls even when I don’t try too.

This quote has made me stop and think about the reasons why things have happened the way that they did. You may think of a time when it just doesn’t make sense but there is a reason, you just have to find it. Think of a few things that have happened in your life and try to figure out the reasoning out of the circumstance. Life is what you make of it so what are you going to do today? 🙂

Welcome :)

11 Feb

Hello, I have started this blog to be able to write about the quotes that I find interesting. I will cover quotes that are inspirational and ones that are the honest truth. My goal is to open your mind to things that are true and make you think. I have found these quotes over the years and they always make me think even when I have heard them before.

This Blog is titled Life Is What You Make It because that is the quote I live by. To the end of this quote I add “Life Is What You Make It, So What Are You Going To Do Today.”  Any time I am having a hard time I look back at this quote and it makes me think what I can do to make my day better.I hope that my blog can help people find those quotes that help them in life and that they can live by.

I ask that the readers of my blog respond to my posts and let me know what you think of the quotes and what do you think of my opinions of them. If you like the idea let me know, if you like the quote let me know, if you think that the quote applies to you let me know why. Always feel free to send me an email if you have quotes that you think I should write about. I promise to always end my quotes with my favorite quote: Life is what you make of it so what are you going to do today 🙂