Learning to Dance in the Rain

25 Feb

‎”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Unknown

People go through hard times. That is no question. The question is how do you deal with it? Do you hide and sulk or do you try to carry on? Well the thing about a hard time is that it has to pass but you shouldn’t have to wait for it to pass to live your life. You have to live each day and laugh at least once.

I know that when I am having a hard time I tend to let it show by how I act but I always try to laugh about something and find something good about the day. Some people forget that even though you are having a hard day people around you might be having a great day.

The biggest thing I can say about a hard time is That Everything Happens for a Reason.  (If you are questioning my reasoning check out my post on the 15th) You have to learn how to make the best out of the worst otherwise you won’t get over the storm in your life.

Sometimes people have a hard time pin pointing the actually thing that is causing the storm but once you actually stop and think about you can work on it. My challenge to you is next time you are having “one of those days” is to figure out what the problem is. Could you have done something different? If so just remember and don’t regret. If you couldn’t have changed it you have to let it go. Life is what you make it.


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