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Forget to Remember

14 Mar

“Sometimes you have to Forget what you want to remember what you deserve” –Anonymous


I think this quote is most true in relationships that people want to make work. The problem with that is you can’t force relationships to work because sooner or later things will explode. You will either just always be mad at the other person for something that they are doing and wasting your time. You have to do what is right for you and for your future.

I think sometimes people fall into the comfort of having that person there and they forget that they deserve to be happy and feel that they have accomplished what they wanted to do in life too. I know that I am guilty of this too and everyone wants to be loved and have that feeling. The problem with it is if you are only looking at the good in someone you are not looking at them as a whole. You have to be willing to look at every aspect and decide if that is what you want and what you deserve.  Life is all about the choices that you make and you just have to try to make the choices that you deserve instead of settling because it is easier.

My challenge to you is to sit down and write down what you think you deserve to have in your life. Write it all down even the little things. From there look at what you have, does it fit into what you deserve? Life is what you make of it so what are you going to do today.