Life only Happens Through Heat

13 Apr

“Life only Happens through Heat and heat means Friction”- Unknown

This is a reminder that life isn’t easy and you have to be ready for challenges and confrontation because it is going to happen. We have to have heat to live right? Well to really live you have to be willing to stick up for yourself, others when needed and the things you believe in, which can cause friction.

I know that in the past I have said things that have needed to be sad but it doesn’t always turn out the way you hope. People may get hurt, might not stay friends, but you have to do what is right. In the past I have had to tell a friend that her boyfriend was cheating on her. We didn’t talk for six months but she had to know what was happening. I am not saying that it was easy but sometimes you do what you know is right to help the ones that need it.

People make choices and those choices can turn out good or bad. No matter if they are good or bad you have to do what you feel is right which means you are going to cause some heat. My challenge to you is to stick up for friends and family. Don’t back down because you don’t know the outcome. Go for it and see what it brings you because in the end you have to have heat to live. Life is what you make it so what are you going to do today?


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