The Courage to Grow Up

7 May

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” -E.E. Cummings

We are coming to the time of the year that people are graduating from schools and moving on with there life. Some from 8th grade others from High School and some are graduating into the real world. All of these steps are big parts in our life and some are harder then others. When some people think about growing up they set goals that would like to reach but never really strive for them. I am not saying it is easy to set a goal and get to it but shouldn’t you try.

To accomplish those goals you have to try. I know it sounds funny that you have to try to be the person you really are but some people forget who they really are as they grow up. Don’t let that be you. Be who you are and express yourself. Don’t hide the secrets from people because you are only hurting yourself. Grow up to be the person that you want to be and have the potential to be.

Growing up does mean taking on responsibilities and not all are fun but we do have to do them. My challenge to you is to try to do something that is on your list for when you “grow up”. Do the only thing that you said you would do some day because some day is today. Life is what you make it so what are you going to do today?


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