Hello! I am Megan Freer and I am looking for and writing about quotes that I find fun and interesting.

I am from a small town in the foothills of California called Sonora. I am 22 years old, working and going to school. I am currently a student at the University Of Nevada working on graduating with in the next year with a degree in Business Management. In High School I was involved in Leadership for 4 years and loved every part of it. That is where I started hearing different quotes that our amazing leadership teacher had us read on a regular basis. This class is where I first ran into my favorite quote: Life is What You Make of it. I feel that interesting quotes always have to do with different Leadership building blocks so I will always try to make my quotes tie back to leadership and building yourself.

As I am deciding what exactly I am going to post about I have decided that I will add a lot of things that my friends have said that I find to be inspirational or just fun.  Some people say things that if you are actually listening to can make you stop and think. I enjoy finding these quotes because they are inspiring and make you stop and think. My goal here is to just find something that make you stop and think about your life. IF you ever find quotes or sayings that you think I need to know about let me know and I will try to bring it up in one of my posts. 🙂


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